The Sea Is Quiet Tonight: A Memoir

In this insightful and inspirational memoir, Michael Ward returns to the early years of the AIDS epidemic, when so little was known and so few who were diagnosed survived. He chronicles in candid detail his partner Mark’s decline and eventual death. By looking back on these tragic events, the author not only honors a generation lost to the illness but also opens a vital window onto the past, before medication helped save lives and HIV/AIDS was a life sentence.

The Sea Is Quiet Tonight is about so much more than life and death. It’s a story about how relationships survive when death is close…Michael Ward has written from the heart…”—Catherine Parnell, Consequence magazine

“Over three decades ago, just when we were all learning about AIDS, Michael Ward and his lover experienced firsthand the uncertainty, fear, and heartbreak of the disease. It is essential that we not forget these early days of the AIDS crisis. Thank goodness Michael is here to remind us of the human cost of those days in this moving, deeply personal, and beautifully written book.”

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—Ken Harvey, author of A Passionate Engagement and If You Were with Me Everything Would Be All Right

Michael H. Ward is a retired psychotherapist. He was instrumental in the development of The Shared Heart, a book and later project that presents coming out stories of forty gay and lesbian teenagers. Happily married, he lives on Cape Cod with his husband, Moe, and cat, Jack.

6 x 9, 204 pages, 6 x 9


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