Our Time: A Novel of San Francisco in the ’70s

Set in San Francisco’s rollicking Castro district in 1971, Our Time is the story of a young gay man from the Midwest who leaves home in search of a city of men. Paul now finds himself free for the first time–free not only to have sex, but to enjoy and talk about sex and not be ashamed. He’s also on a quest to build a public collection of gay and lesbian literature so that the community can see that gay people have been around for centuries and have contributed enormously to the world. For the first time in history, sexuality is an intrinsic part of a cultural revolution as Paul and his generation demand respect as gay men and woman but also respect for their sexuality. Colorful, outspoken, and funny, Our Time is a window into the early years of the post-Stonewall past.

Advance Praise

“Forester captures San Francisco in a way few have – he gives us the grit, the excess and the adventure, but also the magic and wonder that made the city a once upon a time. It really is a very inspired piece of writing, so honest, so real.”— Trebor Healey, author of A Horse Named Sorrow

“Chuck’s romp through his coming out in 1970s San Francisco is more than just a single guy on the loose, it’s the narrative of the building of a movement.”—Jewelle Gomez, author of The Gilda Stories

“Chuck Forester adroitly captures the sexualized zeitgeist of San Francisco in the early 1970s, as gay men flocked there to find themselves, each other, and created new unabashed futures together.”—John R. Killacky, Executive Director, Flynn Center for the Performing Arts

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