Eat, Sleep, Love: A Novel

Coming Winter/Spring 2018

from the author of the novel Our Time.

It’s 1971 and Charlie McKey, a young gay man from Point Reyes Station, California, arrives in San Francisco, where free love and gay liberation abound. Newly out but open to experiencing the new wonders that suddenly surround him, Charlie jumps in headfirst, immersing himself in a no-holds-barred world of men, drugs, and endless sexual pleasure he’d never dreamed possible. Eat, Sleep, Love is la fond look back on a brief time when life opened up for gay men only to collapse with the deadly arrival of AIDS that marked the end of an era.

Praise for Our Time:

“Forester captures San Francisco in a way few have – he gives us the grit, the excess and the adventure, but also the magic and wonder that made the city a once upon a time. It really is a very inspired piece of writing, so honest, so real.”— Trebor Healey, author of A Horse Named Sorrow

“Chuck’s romp through his coming out in 1970s San Francisco is more than just a single guy on the loose, it’s the narrative of the building of a movement.”—Jewelle Gomez, author of The Gilda Stories

“Chuck Forester adroitly captures the sexualized zeitgeist of San Francisco in the early 1970s, as gay men flocked there to find themselves, each other, and created new unabashed futures together.”—John R. Killacky, Executive Director, Flynn Center for the Performing Arts

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