Publish Your Book

You’ve written a book. You’ve invested time, care, and commitment in it and now you’re ready for the next step. You’re looking for a good home for your work, a professional outlet that has the knowledge and expertise to make your dream of becoming a published author a reality.

Querelle/Independent is a full-service self-publishing division of Querelle Press. We offer authors the same professional, industry-standard services that we provide to those authors whose books we acquire and publish under the Querelle Press banner. Because Querelle Press publishes only two new books a year, we’ve had to turn away many talented authors whose work deserves to be read. However, with the advent of Querelle/Independent, we can help many more books come to life and enter the marketplace. Anyone looking for a trusted and respected publishing home is now welcome to work with us.

While Querelle/Independent offers many of the services other self-publishing companies offer and at comparable pricing, we’re unique in offering a personal approach that will make your experience smooth and easy to navigate. You not only will know who your editor is, you will have the opportunity to meet with him in person or to speak with him by phone or via Skype. As an industry veteran of more than twenty years, Don Weise has worked with dozens of first-time writers and understands their special needs and concerns. He’s also freelance edited and ghost written for Doubleday, Penguin, Bantam, and Basic Books, among others. In short, Querelle/Independent offers authors a comprehensive publishing experience comparable to what you would find at a major publishing house.


Our introductory package offers everything needed to get started as a published writer. It’s perfect for authors seeking general editorial feedback and a professionally produced book at an affordable rate.

Services included are:

Please note that an editorial assessment is not an in-depth copy edit. Rather, it’s a substantive editorial assessment of the manuscript as a whole. The assessment takes the form of an overview letter and is intended to point out a work’s strengths, as well as areas in need of improvement. An editorial assessment is ideal for those authors seeking a fast but professional overview of their work. For a more hands-on experience, please consider one of the secondary packages listed below that will enhance those offered in the Starter Package. Rates for these services apply in addition to the basic fee of the Starter Package. These services are also available separately.

Copy Editing

A copy edit is the most basic form of editing a manuscript and includes correcting grammar, eliminating typos, rephrasing sentences for better clarity, flagging repetitions, and similar issues. This is a comprehensive, line-by-line service that covers the entire book from beginning to end. Copy editing is great for authors on a budget who’d like to take their writing to the next level. The rate is two cents a word and the project can typically be completed within ten business days. There is a 5,000-word minimum on all editorial services.

Collaborative Editing

A collaborative edit includes all the features of a copy edit but goes a step further. Here the manuscript is engaged by the editor more extensively by querying plot and character development issues, commenting on structure and pacing, helping the author identify and solve problems, as well as other related duties. Collaborative editing is recommended for authors whose manuscript has not been professionally edited. The rate is three cents a word and typically can be completed in fifteen business days.

Deluxe Editing

A deluxe edit includes all of the features of the copy edit and collaborative edit packages, yet unlike those packages it offers not one but two complete rounds of edits, post-editorial consultation, and a final pre-publication review. The deluxe edit offers the care and detail you would receive from a major publishing house. The rate is $99 plus six cents per word with the timeline to be mutually agreed on between author and editor.

Promotional Consultation

So you finally have a beautiful, edited manuscript, available through bookstores for readers to buy. How do you reach those potential readers? This can be the most daunting aspect of publication. Do you know how to approach newspapers and media outlets, and how to write a press release? Do you have a website for your book? How about a social media campaign? Rely on Querelle/Independent for the most up-to-date advice on crafting a promotional strategy that focuses on you and your strengths, the target audience for your book, the places and people who can help you get noticed—in the right way! We offer a ninety-minute promotional consultation by phone or Skype and a follow-up email laying out each step, in order, so that you can give your book the best chance of reaching readers. The rate is $300 for a ninety-minute consultation.

What’s the Next Step?

Your future as a published author is waiting for you! Bring your book to light with Querelle/Independent. For more information, please contact us at