Jerry Torre and Tony Maietta

Jerry Torre grew up in Brooklyn, New York and left home at age sixteen. Not long after leaving home, while working as an assistant gardener in East Hampton, New York he quite literally stumbled into the house and world known as Grey Gardens. Today, he lives happily with his partner, Ted, in New York City, dividing his time between his passion for sculpting, and in being a caretaker yet again for Grey Gardens—this time for its legacy. Tony Maietta is a noted film and television historian, author and host. His work as a film historian and host includes numerous DVD documentaries and commentaries including the Emmy-nominated TCM series “Moguls and Movie Stars” (2010). As a writer and host he appeared in his own series Here’s Hollywood as well as the DVD releases of The Lucy Show and I Love Lucy. He lives in Los Angeles.

Titles by Jerry Torre and Tony Maietta

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