Monthly Archives: October 2016

Christmas with James Purdy

I had the honor of publishing four books of fiction by the late and inimitable James Purdy whose decades as an outlaw writer earned this legend some incredible experiences and stories, featuring such giant talents as Billie Holiday, Gore Vidal, Edward Albee, and Edith Sitwell who discovered Purdy the writer in the 1940s. Christmas with […]

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Editing Ben Gazzara

I was the editor on Ben’s memoirs In the Moment and it was my happiest experience as an editor in my entire career. Ben was a larger than life figure both onstage and off. I loved him and miss him. I wrote this essay to commemorate the anniversary of his death. Editing Ben Gazzara

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On Meeting Harry Hay

Gay rights legend Harry Hay was someone I was fortunate to meet and interview just as I was graduating college and coming out. Although I didn’t appreciate his foundational place in our history when I first encountered him, I quickly saw him for the civil rights giant that he was, as this essay chronicles.

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Talking Sex with Gore Vidal

Incredibly enough Gore Vidal was the first writer I ever published. It started with a book proposal I sent to his home in Italy and culminated in my visit there just a few months after he agreed to the project. In this essay I recall working with him and the memorable afternoon we spent talking […]

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I’ve lived with HIV six times longer than I was married and almost twice as long as my partnership with Michael A. Schoch.  I’ve been positive half of my life as an out gay man, but they don’t give medals for that. I met HIV before it had a name; because of blood frozen as […]

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