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The Marble Faun of Grey Gardens

The Marble Faun of Grey Gardens is Jerry Torre’s touching and at times haunting memoir about his teenage days as caretaker of Grey Gardens, the now-celebrated mansion chronicled in the iconic docume…
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Our Time

Set in San Francisco’s rollicking Castro district in 1971, Our Time is the story of a young gay man from the Midwest who leaves home in search of a city of men. Paul now finds himself free for t…
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The Assistance of Vice

Crossing the boundaries of literature and sexual culture, The Assistance of Vice tells the story of a New York City woman living on the edge. It’s 1983 and the protagonist is faced with a dilemma.…
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Welcome to Querelle Press!

We’re an independent LGBT book publisher whose mission is to celebrate and challenge how we view our lives as LGBT people. Querelle’s namesake is Jean Genet’s bold and distinctive novel, and the press aspires to publish in the book’s outspoken spirit. Under the guidance of publisher and editor Don Weise, and in partnership with writer and philanthropist Chuck Forester, Querelle publishes two new titles per year.

Now available, Our Time: A Novel of the 1970s by Querelle co-founder Chuck Forester. It tells the story of a young, gay Midwesterner’s arrival in San Francisco in 1970 and his navigation of the sexually-charged atmosphere suddenly all around him. It’s an insider’s look back at that liberating time and place.  “Forester captures San Francisco in away few have,” writes one observer. “He gives us the grit, the excess and the adventure, but also the magic and wonder that made the city a once upon a time. It really is a very inspired piece of writing, so honest, so real.”

Due out in 2017 is The Marble Faun of Grey Gardens, Jerry Torre’s touching story, co-written with film historian Tony Maietta, about the years he spent with “Big Edie” and “Little Edie” in their now-famous mansion chronicled in the acclaimed documentary film Grey Gardens. Fans will recall Jerry as the teenage caretaker, and his stories about life with the Beales before Grey Gardens’ release and after allow readers to see the movie in a new, revealing light. Says Weise, “I was so moved by Jerry’s story—the lives behind and beyond the movie.” Included are new stories about the Beales and Jacqueline Kennedy, Lee Radziwill, and Howard Hughes, who courted Little Edie until finally she broke it off, telling her mother, “He’s just too crazy for me.”

We’re also proud to reissue Roberta Degnore’s know out novel The Assistance of Vice. Writer Sarah Schulman says of the book, “This classic underground lesbian sex novel from the 1980s is finally reissued! A day-to-day recounting of emotional and sexual risks in the Downtown dyke scene, surrounded by the explosion of AIDS and the implosion of the maverick art world. Degnore was there and knows of what she speaks. A record of a disappeared world with no rules but desire.”

Apart from our publishing program, Querelle also offers an array of professional self-publishing services to writers under Querelle/Independent. From copyediting and collaborative editing to cover design and interior layout to file creation and distribution to more than 35,000 retail outlets, Querelle/Independent provides everything you need to publish your book like a pro. Please see the link on our homepage for further details.

 Media queries and other questions/comments can be directed to


Querelle/Independent is a full-service self-publishing division of Querelle Press. We offer authors the same professional, industry-standard services that we provide to those authors whose books we acquire and publish under the Querelle Press banner. Because Querelle Press publishes only two new books a year, we’ve had to turn away many talented authors whose work deserves to be read. However, with the advent of Querelle/Independent, we can help many more books come to life and enter the marketplace. Anyone looking for a trusted and respected publishing home is now welcome to work with us. For more information, click on the “Publish Your Book” on the menu bar above.

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A Selection of Interviews and Personal Essays about Our Press, the Writers We’ve Worked With, and Authors Whose Work We Enjoy

Editing Ben Gazzara

I was the editor on Ben’s memoirs In the Moment and it was my happiest experience as an editor in my entire career. Ben was a larger than life figure both onstage and off. I loved him and miss h…
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On Meeting Harry Hay

Gay rights legend Harry Hay was someone I was fortunate to meet and interview just as I was graduating college and coming out. Although I didn’t appreciate his foundational place in our history …
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